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Registered Piano Technician,

Piano Technicians Guild.

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Covid 19 Precautions:  I wear an n95 mask, run a portable HEPA air filter, and clean the keys before and after tuning.

Hi, my name is Jaid (Say like Jade).  My goal is to enhance your enjoyment of your piano by providing quality tuning and repair, and information on proper care and maintenance.  Regular service helps ensure  your piano’s playability, longevity and musicality.  I’m happy to be able to offer my tuning and repair services and to answer any questions you may have!  I take pride in my work and guarantee that you’ll be happy with the quality of care I provide your piano, or I’ll do whatever I can to make it right. 

I am a Registered Piano Technician.  Only an RPT has passed a series of rigorous exams administered by the Piano Technicians Guild covering all aspects of piano tuning and repair.   Fewer than 2500 people worldwide have achieved this certification, the only one of its kind in the industry.

Please call 503-218-3675 or use the email link below to schedule a tuning or repair appointment, along with a free performance assessment of your piano.


“After patiently tuning my piano and repairing the sustain pedal, my piano sounds like new!  Throughout the process, he exhibited the perfectionism that is reflective of a true artist in this field.  Thanks again for the excellent service!”

“My piano tuner, Jaid, is very competent and personable.  He has been tuning my piano for over 3 years and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

“Jaid was completely professional without being stuffy or uptight.  And, my piano sounds great!”

“I’ve had pianos in my home all my life, and with that piano tuners as well.  Jaid is the most professional, punctual and proficient I’ve ever encountered.  No upselling, never anything but great the several times he’s helped me out.”

“Jaid tuned my Steinway and did an excellent job.  It sounds great.  He was professional and easy to work with.  He also cleaned the keys and they look fabulous.  He had recommendations for other work and gave a thorough explanation as well as quotes.  Prices are reasonable.”

“My piano is 100 years old and hasn’t had a tuning in 30 years.  Jaid came in and worked his magic and now I can’t stop playing.  It sounds great!”

“Top of the line piano tuning.  Jaid is very pleasant and professional.  Highly recommended.”